In order for our band and booster organization to be successful, we need your help!! Volunteers are essential!! This year, we are trying something new. We've set up a Volunteer Hub Calendar so you can sign up for events throughout the marching season now. If each family signs up for 3 or more events, then we will have enough volunteers to support our band kids!! Please consider signing up now, especially for our band camp weeks, the car wash, and Tag Day.

Here are some tidbits about the volunteer options -

Band camp - we need volunteers on day 1 to collect forms and money, lunch crew members everyday, tent brigade to be on the field throughout each morning to make sure our kids have enough water and whatever else they need.

Car wash - we need volunteers to help supervise while the kids do all the hard work!!

Tag Day - we need drivers, drivers and more drivers. Usually we need 50 drivers - that's 50 parents!!

Chaperone - Join the band as a "mom" or "dad" and be there for the kids throughout events (ride the bus, pass out water, have the first aid kit ready, and keep the chaos at a minimum). We need chaperones for football games, competitions and other events. **If you choose a chaperone spot on a competition day, please leave the entire day open since we will not know exact times until closer to the actual date.

Pit crew - Join the fun of loading and unloading all of the pit/drumline equipment, guard flags and props, and anything else that needs moving. You get to be on the field level to help set up and take down the show - needed for football games, competitions and other events.

There are also some other random volunteer needs that you will find on the hub as well as others we will let you know about throughout the season. Reminders will be sent to all volunteers the week prior to the event. Please let us know if you have any questions.