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2019-20 TMB Leadership Team

Drum Majors - Izzy Panek, Jacob Sheppard, Miah Brown
Woodwind Captain - Sam Agnew
Brass Captain - Maggie Kirk
Drumline Captain - Ben Kuhn
Guard Captains - Amaiya Johnson, Jeanelle Robledo, Sabrina Silva

Section Leaders
Flute/Pic - Morgan Neal & Courtney Purks
Clarinets - Andrew Gager & Maddie Ayala
Alto Sax - Sam Agnew
Low Reeds - Yelena Fleming
Trumpets - Sarah Nelson & Cory O’Keefe
Mellophones - Maggie Kirk
Baritones - Sawyer Quesenberry
Trombones - Claire Sharp & Jasmine Williams
Tubas - Mark Palombella
Pit - Eon Wallace

Rank Captains
Caylie Coker, Maddie Chevalier, Cullen Doane, Yelena Fleming, Andrew Gager, Julian Gaudet, Sarah Hagen, Alex Harris, Hannah Kirk, Maggie Kirk, David Livingston, Jenna Mathis, Jason Menninger, Malcolm Mhlanga, Matthew Morris, Morgan Neal, Sarah Nelson, Bobby Palmer, Courtney Purks, Eileen Reardon, Grace Reyes, Kaelah Schneider, Kameron Scott, Claire Sharp, Anna Strassel, Savannah Talley, Nate Vasquez, Jasmine Williams, Jack Yeman, Isabel Zhang, more to be announced after rescheduled auditions are completed

Uniform Committee
Jenna Mathis and Jasmine Williams - Co-chairs
Maddie Chevalier, Caylie Coker, Avian Turvey, Caitlin Wheeler-Fox, Yelena Fleming, Hannah Kirk, Morgan Neal, Courtney Purks, Anna Strassel, Savannah Talley

Logisitics Committee
Claire Sharp - Chair
Maddie Ayala, Cullen Doane, Julien Gaudet, Alex Harris, David Livingston, Malcolm Mhlanga, Sarah Nelson, Grace Reyes, Savannah Talley, Jasmine Williams, Ricky Whitt

Please see Mr. Holley if you are interested in helping