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Clash of the Titans: The Rise of Zeus
Our show this year depicts the final battle in the War of the Titans for the rule of the universe between Kronos, The Ruler of the Titans, and his youngest son, Zeus. During the battle on Mount Othrys, Zeus defeats his father and the Titans with the thunderbolts fashioned for him by the Cyclops. Thus ends the Golden Age and begins the Age of the Olympians, with Zeus taking his place as the King of the Gods.

The Titan Marching Band performing their Clash of the Titans half-time show for a Superior Rating at the Virginia Band and Orchestra Directors Association state assessment at Hermitage High School on Nov. 3, 2018.

2018-19 TMB Leadership Team

Drum Majors - Jacob Andersen, T.J. Lindsay, Peyton Mills
Woodwind Captain - Tori Rogers
Brass Captain - Noah Sharp
Drumline Captains -Joseph Heo & Parker Reineke
Guard Captains - Grace Brown, Sheridan Lee, & Shelly Washington

Section Leaders
    Piccolo/ Flutes - Nicole Mund & Tori Rogers
    Clarinets - CeCe Toler & Isaac Packer
    Alto Saxophones - Valeria Pabon
    Low Reeds - Eric Taylor
    Trumpets - Gabe Vasquez and Izzy Panek
    Mellophones - Maggie Kirk
    Trombones - Amber Burns & Claire Sharp
    Baritones - Sawyer Quesenberry
    Tubas - Noah Sharp
    Front Ensemble - Eon Wallace

Rank Captains
Sam Agnew, Johan Alfaro, Will Andrews, Miah Brown, Amber Burns, Madeline Chevalier, Sean Culley, Yelena Fleming, Andrew Gager, Alex Harris, Jenna Mathis, Essenz Morris, Gabrielle Morton, Nicole Mund, Morgan Neal, Valeria Pabon, Isaac Packer, Eileen Reardon, Claire Sharp, Noah Sharp, Jacob Sheppard, Eric Taylor, CeCe Toler, Jasmine Williams, Jack Yeman

Uniform Committee
CeCe Toler & Amber Burns- Co-Chairs
Miah Brown, Madeline Chevalier, Alex Harris, Jenna Mathis, Noah Sharp, Gabe Vasquez, Jasmine Williams, Jacob Sheppard, Eric Taylor, Parker Reineke

Logistics Committee
Noah Sharp - Chair
Maddie Ayala, Madeline Chevalier, Sean Culley, Yelena Fleming, Alex Harris, Claire Sharp, Jasmine Williams

Gab Morton - Chair
Amber Burns, Izzy Panek, CeCeToler, Tori Rogers, Gabe Vasquez

We still need 1-2 people to serve as attendance officers for the season.

Please e-mail Mr. Holley if you are interested in this position.