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Papa Johns Pizza Cards

Cosby Titan band members are selling Papa Johns cards- there are codes that get you free pizza, chicken poppers, cheesesticks, etc. The cards are only $10 each and the band makes $7 from each card. The goal is to raise enough money to purchase a bari sax, which is desperately needed and costs just over $4,000. This fundraiser runs through the November 28, 2018. So think of neighbors, friends, or family that might be hungry for some pizza! It would even make a wonderful stocking stuffer for the holidays!!
If you need more cards to sell please email 
and let Chris know how many more cards your family would like to order.

Codes have been removed

Codes have been removed

to use your card

  1. Visit online

  2. Select the Special Offers tab.

  3. Enter your code in the Promo Code box.

  4. Place your order.


Locations that this fundraiser card can be used at are listed on the back of the card as seen above. It is only good at select RVA and Charlottesville stores.

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