Cosby Titan Band Boosters

We meet on the third Thursday of the month at 7:30 pm.

We are a Nonprofit Organization

The Cosby Titan Band Boosters is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization. Any donations are tax deductible.

The purpose of the Cosby Titan Band Boosters organization is to promote enthusiastic interest in the Cosby High School Band program.  We provide moral support to the band program and financial support to cover items and expenses that the school or county does not provide.

Donor Information Letter 2017-2018

Booster Membership Form for 2017-18


2017-18 Cosby Titan Band Booster Executive Board

Jeff Lee ( - President

Chris Andersen ( 1st Vice-President, responsible for coordinating chaperones and other volunteers

Brenda Walker ( - 2nd Vice-President, responsible for fundraising activities

Wendy Meyenberg ( - Treasurer

Elizabeth Kirk ( - Secretary, responsible for minutes, communications and emails

Things Parents Can Do to Get Involved (and have fun doing it!)

All of the following committees are looking for people to help.  Each has a chairperson selected by the Cosby TitanBand Booster Executive Board.  All parents are encouraged to sign up for membership on one or more of these committees.

Contact Chris Andersen ( to volunteer for any of these activities.


The Cosby Titan Band pit crew is a group of parents that assists the Marching Band and Color Guard during marching season. Pit crew members sign up to work various football games helping to move band equipment (tubas, drums, directors' podiums, etc.) and help the color guard with their equipment.  This group will also oversee the minor care and repairs of the band instruments and large equipment.  This group is perfect for the “handymen” in our organization!!  

Pit crew transports equipment by truck or van to home games, away games and special band events such as competitions and county band night.


The Boosters sell lots of different shirts, shorts, jackets and other Titan goodies to promote band spirit and school spirit. We need volunteers at football games and some other band events to staff the table and sell items.


Trip chaperones are an integral part of each marching band performance.  Chaperones perform a multitude of tasks, from assisting band members preparing for performance, to riding band busses to away events, to guarding instruments during halftime and 3rd quarter, to being a “mom” or “dad” when needed.  Chaperones provide a needed service to the band and are considered a valuable asset to our program.

50/50 Raffle - Help sell tickets at football games. The band keeps 50% of all money raised!


This committee solicits sponsors who purchase advertisements in the program given out at all concerts.   The program also contains information about the band and is of great interest to those attending the concerts.


This committee is in charge of the Band and Color Guard uniforms, the issuing and fitting of students, assisting with the alterations as needed, general care of the uniforms, and assisting the students with any uniform problems.

HOSPITALITY - Help organize dinners and banquets

PHOTOGRAPHY - Contact Wendy Chapman ( if you have photos to contribute to the website, or if you'd like full resolution copies of any photo.

WEBSITE - Contact Elizabeth Kirk or Wendy Chapman ( if you have ideas or suggestions for the website

FINANCIAL: Budget and Financial reports are available on request from our Treasurer.